Silicate brick fence posts

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The first step is to build a foundation for the fence post. Choose the depth of the foundation according to the frost penetration (1.5 … 2.3 m) to prevent the posts from moving in the winter. A foundation post can be ordered both as a ready-made element and also cast on the spot using formwork or without it. A more secure attachment to the post will be achieved if the reinforcement steel (for example ∅=6 mm) reaches the concrete core. A good option for the concrete is Silikaat’s frost resistant dry concrete C20.


Make small holes onto the water insulation installed in the foundation to bring through the reinforcement rods that stick out of the foundation. Place the instalment formwork on the bottom layer and fill it with Silikaat’s masonry mortar M10. Level the mortar layer, remove the formwork. Then moisten the next post module and set in in place. Using formwork makes it easier to achieve a straight post.


Place the fence mounting rack at the correct height into the mortar. Later you can bolt the wooden pickets or metal fence panels into it.


After achieving the necessary height with the post modules, the hollow core is reinforced with four metal rods and cast full of concrete. I is advisable to connect the rods to the reinforcement rods that stick out of the foundation first. This way a uniform complete solution is achieved. A good option is Silikaat’s frost resistant dry concrete C20.


A concrete cap protect silicate stones from rain. The cap is installed last. It can be placed directly onto the concrete mixture layer.

  • The fence post modules are made of four roughly trimmed or split bricks, which are trimmed together.
  • The fence posts made of fence posts are covered with a so called fence post cap.
  • As mortar we recommend using AS Silikaat’s masonry mortar M10. Fill the core of the post with concrete!
  • For attaching the fence construction, we provide metal fastening details, which is placed between the modules during construction.
  • Into a fence post made of the largest modules also a mailbox can be installed
  • To improve adhesion, water the modules with clean water!
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