Best sand for playing is pure and soft

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Playing in the sandbox develops children’s creativity and imagination, encourages them to experiment and put themselves to the test again and again. Playing with sand develops children’s fine motor skills and has a calming effect on them.

Since sandbox is a small and enclosed space, playing there teaches children to communicate with others, to consider them and to share their toys. If, of course, there are children of the same age to play with. But if not, older brothers and sisters like to play with their younger siblings in the sandbox as well.

What kind of sand should be used for children to play with?

Good sandbox sand does not stain clothes or contain any dirt

It is always possible to get sandbox sand from a friend who happens to have such a sand hole. Material brought directly from nature can certainly be played with, however, it may not be as clean as a special sandbox sand that has been washed, cleaned and has exactly the right grit.

The best sandbox sand is clean, it does not give off dust or stain clothes and it doesn’t contain anything dangerous.

How is such play material made?

We extract our sand from the Männiku sand quarry, from under water. By pumping it up from the water floor, the sand is washed out and any pieces of clay and all other excess particles are removed from the sand, leaving behind only clean sand.

The sand is then transported to our sand drying facility, where it is dried in special drums at high temperatures. The temperature is so high that any organic matter inside the sand is destroyed. We are certain that such sand is completely clean and safe.

After drying, the sand is sieved, resulting in a number of sands of different compositions. The play sand is specially sieved so that it sticks together, does not give off dust too much and does not stain clothes. This makes it possible to build castles and fortresses with ease.

The sandbox sand is conveniently packaged

Our play sand is packed in 25 kg bags that are convenient to transport. That way it is also easy to calculate the required amount: for 1 m² of sandbox, we recommend 14 packages of sand, so there is enough play material in the box making it possible to build both sand cakes and castles.

Where is sandbox sand sold?

Sandbox sand is sold by larger construction stores, but can also be purchased directly from us at Männiku. Our sand is clean and soft, specifically designed for playing.

If you want to try what it feels like in your hands or under your feet, you can do that in the Mängu Saar where the huge sandbox is filled with our sand.

Learn here how to easily construct a proper sandbox in your backyard or garden.

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