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Dry concrete C20


Silikaat’s dry concrete C20 is a concrete mixture for general casting work. The aggregate fraction is up to 10 mm. Silikaat’s dry concrete C20 is suitable for extensive concrete works. The recommended concrete layer is more than 30 mm. Suitable for foundations, floors, lintels, load-bearing posts etc.

Mixture yield 12 … 13 litres

The mixture is best for up to 12 months as of the production date.

Dry concrete C20

Technical specifications

Compressive strenght C16/20
Reaction to fire A1
Chloride content ≤ 0.02 %
Frost resistance 50 cycles
Mixture yield (25 kg) 12 ... 13 l
Usage period up to 2 hours


Preparing the mixture

To a 25 kg bag of dry concrete C20, add 3 3.5 litres of clean water (95 – 115 l of water to the 1000 kg bag). Then it should be mixed for 3 to 4 minutes. The amount of added water must not exceed the recommended limit as it reduces the strenght of the mixture and increases volume reduction. The mixed concrete can be used for up to 2 hours. The mixture yields 12 – 13 litres.

Executing the work

Use the same methods as when working with ready-made concrete (evening out with a levelling board, compressing etc.). The mixture can be used at temperatures +5…+30 C. Freshly cast layer of concrete must be protected from rain, freezing and other such damaging impact. As follow-up maintenance, the conrete is watered to prevent the surface from drying too quickly.

Practical advice

Remove substances that reduce adhesion – dirt, dust, grease etc.

Acquire enough of the dry concrete from the same batch to prevent possible differences in colour.

Packaging and storage

Silikaat’s dry concrete C20 is available in packages of 25 kg and 1 t. Store them on a pallet in dry.

The product can be used for 12 months as of the production date.

Safety precautions

May irritate eyes, airways and skin. Avoid inhaling the dust and the mixture being in contact with the eyes. Should the mixture get into contact with eyes, clean the eye with plenty of water and turn to a doctor, if necessary. We recommend using protective eyewear, a respirator, gloves or a protective cream.

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