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Lime sand mixture

The mixture is suitable for making masonry mortar and plaster.

The mixture can be used also for resotring historic buildings (manors, churches), where a historic appearance of the building is desired.

Lime sand mixture

Technical specifications

Brand Lime sand mixture Sand Cement
M5 3 6 1
M7,5 2 5 1
M10 2 3,3 1
Brand Lime sand mixture Sand Cement
In rooms with normal humidity 4 1
For facades and humid rooms 6.5 4.5 ... 5.5 1


Executing the work

The temperature of the mortar, room and base surface must be above +1°C. Before masonry work begins and during it, all parts of the construction which may be damaged during the masonry work have to be protected. The base for the structure has to be strong and stablile. The surface has to be clean of grease, soot, dust, salts and other such substances that disrupt adhesion. Adhesion of the mortar is not ensured if you use masonry materials that are too moist or too dry. It is recommended that you moisten (silicate) bricks before use to avoind that the masonry mixture dries immediately onto the structure’s surface or onto the mortar bed prepared for the next brick. If the masonry mortar dries too quickly, it reduces the adhesion between the mortar and the brick, and the chemical drying processes within the mortar are not complete. This is firstly visible as a hairline fracture between the mortar and the brick, which will begin collecting moisture from percipitation, which in turn will freeze and break up the structure. After years go by, such a small fracture may create a visible crack and also the bricks may start to crumble. Nor fixing such a crack causes a risk of percipitation water getting into the structure and behind it, which in turn can damage the construction of a load-bearing wall. During masonry work, a suitable quantity of mortar is placed on the structure based on its width so that when pressing the brick into place, the joint could be filled. Tapping onto the brick with the trowel handle can be used as a final finish. After adhesion, bricks must not be moved. A half-finished structure has to be protected from rain and other risk factors. In hot and dry weather, the structure has to be stopped from drying too quickly by watering it with clean water. Mortar splatter must be removed from the wall before it sets.

Safety precautions

May irritate eyes, airways and skin. Avoid inhaling the dust and the mixture being in contact with the eyes. Should the mixture get into contact with eyes, clean the eye with plenty of water and turn to a doctor, if necessary. We recommend using protective eyewear, a respirator, gloves or a protective cream.

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