Partition walls. What material can I use to build soundproof rooms?

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If you’re planning a construction project, and wondering if there is an easy-to-install material for building soundproof partition walls, then we have good news for you. Such a material exists.

Introducing silicate blocks, produced right here in Estonia and are made using only natural materials. But let’s take a closer look at it.

We offer silicate blocks in three sizes, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Silikaatplokk 120 Slim
Silicate block 120 Slim: sound insulation 48 dB
Silicate block 180 Strong: sound insulation 52 dB
Silicate block 240 Silence: sound insulation 55 dB

The silicate block partition wall isolates sound well

You have probably sometimes found yourself in a room where every rustle behind the wall is clearly heard. Or do you know your neighbour’s favourite songs and TV shows by heart? It’s worth thinking about soundproofing when designing a house, so you don’t have to go back and further soundproof everything. Although improving your soundproofing later is an option, since silicate block is easy to install. If you want to build a partition wall from silicate blocks in a pre-existing house or apartment, we recommend consulting a construction specialist.

Silicate block isolates noise very well – the sound insulation index of the 240 Silence construction block is as high as 55 dB! If that number doesn’t tell you anything, it’s equivalent to the sound reduction of a lightweight concrete wall two to three times thicker! For this reason, we recommend using silicate blocks to construct partitions not only in private homes, but also flats.

Silicate blocks are made of natural materials

We have been making silicate bricks and blocks using the same dependable method since 1910. We simply compress sand and lime together in an autoclave with the help of steam. This method leaves no room for adding anything suspicious. Silicate stone walls are breathable, maintaining a good indoor climate and preventing rooms from becoming stuffy. Perhaps best of all, silicate has the peculiar property of keeping rooms cool in summer and warm in winter.

Silicate block wall requires minimal finishing

As the dimensions of our blocks are very precise, they can be used to lay a very smooth wall that does not need to be plastered, but can simply be painted.


Silicate block withstands great loads

A partition wall in which pieces start to crumble from minor weight, is worth nothing. With a silicate wall, you can securely attach furniture or appliances without having to worry about them breaking off.

Simply put, silicate blocks are on average five times stronger than lightweight concrete blocks. But if you are interested in the world of numbers, you can view our blocks’ technical data here.

And now about the money!

We hope you agree that the above arguments for using silicate blocks are strong. But the cherry on top is that a wall from silicate blocks also saves you money, in quite a number of ways.

  • Due to their small dimensional variability, a silicate block wall does not require plastering. Of course, you can do so if you’d like, but paint alone suffices. Try out paint on a small section! If you don’t like the result, you can always plaster over it.
Due to the peg-groove connection, you don’t need to fill vertical joints. The picture above shows 240 Silence blocks.
  • Silicate blocks do not require reinforcement, filling of vertical joints nor filling the blocks with concrete mixture. In essence, these three activities and the use of many additional materials are omitted – saving both labour and material. Since the silicate block has a peg-groove connection as shown above, it’s not necessary to fill the vertical joints of the wall or use additional reinforcement. The wall remains very strong even without this.
  • Cable ducts are built in. Do you see the holes inside the block? You can conveniently run electrical cables through them, so there’s no need to make corresponding grooves in the wall. This is one more way to save!

By the way, although this article focuses on silicate block as a good partition wall material, it is also great for building exterior walls.

If you want to know the quantity of blocks and mixture you need, use our product quantity calculator and send a price request to us or our nearest dealer.

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