A construction block that saves up a lot of money for the customer

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Would you have ever thought that one day you might be interested in an article on construction materials? Certainly not, right? But now that you are considering building a house, you can make a good use of our article.

Let’s talk about what kinds of materials you need for the construction of the walls of your house, so that you can also save time and money. In fact, this construction block has so many beneficial features that it even almost seems too good to be true. But true it is! This is not a Chinese miracle, but a really good construction material produced here in Estonia, the good properties of which can be appreciated both in Scandinavia and by our neighbors in the Baltics.

How to correctly calculate the price per square meter of the wall?

Silicate stone has proven its durability and strength since 1910. Maybe you have heard that the price per square meter of silicate block wall isn’t the lowest?

It’s good if you have done the research. And that’s why we created this article so you can compare the final prices of wall construction. In addition to the unit price of the construction block, 1) additional material and 2) labour costs for laying the wall must also be taken into account, only then you will get the correct picture of the prices.

The product quantity calculator on our website will help you calculate the materials.

But how exactly does using silicate block save money?

Thanks to the strength and smart design of the silicate block, it makes laying the wall faster compared to any other block that requires reinforcement and filling.

  • The silicate block does not require additional reinforcement

Due to its construction, the silicate block does not require reinforcement of every row, which means significant savings in working time and material. It is totally enough to reinforce only the first and last rows and around the openings.

  • Transversal joints do not need to be filled

That’s right! Due to the peg-groove connection, the silicate block does not require transversal joints to be filled and laying the wall can be faster. Once again, this leads to savings in time and material.

  • – Filling the blocks with mortar is not necessary

This is really the kind of a construction block that doesn’t need to be filled which also means savings in time and material.

  • It already has cable ducts inside

Once the wall is ready, it is not necessary to create separate grooves into the wall for cables, since the grooves are already inside the block.

  • You can also save on interior finishing

As the silicate block has very small dimensional fluctuations, it can create a very smooth wall surface that does not require plastering. You can just paint it. Or if you still want to plaster, a thin layer is enough. Again, a lot of time and money can be saved.

Actually, the positive properties of the silicate block are not only limited to this. In addition to saved money, it is also very strong and has very good soundproofing. And since it is made of natural materials, it is also breathable – rooms with silicate stone walls have a good indoor climate.

Do you have any additional questions? If so, email us at myyk@silikaat.ee

If you want to build the walls of your new home from silicate block, choose a suitable dealer or send your query to us.

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