Why choose silicate blocks for building internal and external walls

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Planning the construction of a house should start from deciding from what materials to build. In order for a home to be a long-term investment, long-lasting construction materials should be preferred. The energy efficiency and a good indoor climate are achieved when the house keeps warmth, but also breathes, so that no excess moisture and mould are generated. Stone houses are well proven in the Nordic climate. One of the best materials for building a stone house is a silicate block, which is easy to install, has a long lifespan, and its composition is natural.

Rooms with good indoor climate

The silicate block is perfect for both load-bearing and partition walls. This building material is manufactured by compressing lime and sand in a pressurized water vapor environment. The natural composition gives the silicate house a breathable and pleasant indoor climate. This material does not emit toxic fumes into the living space, due to which the living environment is healthy and meets all modern requirements. Another advantage of a stone house is that it better keeps warmth in winter, whereas in summer the stone walls rather provide cooling.

A quiet home with sturdy walls

Compared to other materials used for wall construction, silicate blocks are stronger and provide more soundproofing. For example, a lightweight wall must be about 2 times thicker to achieve the same soundproofing as a silicate wall. Compared to lightweight blocks, the silicate ones have up to 6 times greater compressive strength. This allows you to easily attach to the silicate wall the heavier objects such as a kitchen wall cabinet, water heater, etc.

Simple and money-saving installation

The silicate block is developed from silicate bricks, and its convenient and quick installation proves its advantage in building a house. The silicate block can be used for the construction of the exterior and interior walls of a new building as well as for the reconstruction of old buildings. Due to the peg-groove connection, the silicate blocks enable building walls without filling vertical joints, and besides such walls don’t require additional reinforcement or pouring of blocks with concrete. Through this, the significant financial savings can be achieved on both working hours and additional materials. The ready wall remains smooth, which reduces the cost of interior finishing. All this reflects also in the final price of the house construction. The holes in the blocks make it easy to carry electric cables or water pipes through them.

Advantages of silicate block over other building blocks:

·        Natural composition that provides good heat retention and indoor climate

·        High soundproofing

·        Easy and quick installation

·        Does not require additional reinforcement or pouring with concrete

·        The strongest building block on the market

·        Easy installation of pipes and cables through the holes in the block


AS Silikaat is the only manufacturer of silicate products in Estonia. All Silicate products are manufactured on the base of 110 years of experience, with dedication and diligence. The products are exported to Scandinavia and other European countries. The use of silicate blocks in the domestic market is also increasing.

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