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When building a home you think of a house that not only protects you from the wind, rain and cold, but is also a place where it is nice to be. Silicate block is a perfect material for Estonia as it is weather-proof, durable and natural.

We spend most of our time indoors. A home is a place to relax and feel good. When choosing the materials for your “fortress” you should think of them as an investment into your own and your family’s future, well-being and health.

When you invest in choices that you have truly considered and thought through, you avoid future headaches and avoid needless complications, expenses and the need to redo things.

Quality and durability

Using high-quality and natural construction materials when planning a home contributes to a more healthier and longer-lasting living environment.

Silikate bricks and blocks are chemical-free construction materials made of traditional natural compounds: lime, sand and water. Silicate products are strong, stabile and will stay put once they have been made into a wall. Thanks to the good sound insulation of silicate blocks, you can also listen to music without disturbing your neighbours.

Environmentally friendly silicate bricks have been used for a long time in building residential buildings, public buildings and also industrial facilities. The durability of silicate bricks is attested by buildings nearly a hundred years old that we can still see on our streets.

While today, strong silicate blocks are used for walls, durable silicate bricks are used in the exteriors of chimneys. The longevity and durability of silicate bricks is shown by the dignified building of Rahvusooper Estonia completed in 1913 and the Suur Munamägi tower built in 1939.

In  Estonia, silicate bricks and blocks are made and sand mined by AS Silikaat, which began in 1910. The company does mining extraction both on the ground and in the water at the Saku-Männiku sand quarry. Their factory is the only one in Estonia producing silicate products.

Bricks as an interior design element

Today, classic bricks are an esteemed end trendy interior and decorative element. A good example of this are Kultuurikatel and Telliskivi Loomelinnak centres in Tallinn.

Aside from minimalistic, smooth-surfaced bricks, AS Silikaat also makes more rustical decorative bricks with different surface structures, which are widely used for fence posts, building facades and why not also in interior design.

Bricks made by AS Silikaat can be used as facade material in their unprocessed form, based on their qualities and appearance. Bricks will be visible in their original look, creating a classic symmetrically patterned white wall with a slightly grey undertone.


Silicate blocks are

  • Soundproof
  • Strong
  • Weather and frost proof
  • With a smooth surface and precise measurements
  •  Durable and needs very little maintenance
  • Cost-effective as they do not need reinforcement, full casting, filling of vertical joints.

Article was first published in Järve Keskus’ interior design publication Idee ja Lahendus (Idea and Solution) No. 9, Autumn-Winter 2018/2019

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