Estonian Silicate Blocks Find Their Way to Sweden More and More Often

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First Monday of February. A quiet winter’s day in Männiku. A diesel engine can be heard at AS Silikaat’s warehouse. In a few moments, an agile Toyota forklift appears from behind the high white towers of goods with pallets of 180 silicate blocks swinging from its forks. Viktor is behind the wheel and proficiently manoeuvres the forklift towards the Swedish Scania truck in the yard. The truck is almost filled with while pallets of silicate blocks. There is only room for two more. The missing pallets smoothly land in their place, are strapped in and their journey to Sweden begins.

This is the third load to leave its prints on the fresh snow, driving from Silikaat’s immense lot towards the port.

The natural silicate block made in Estonia with experience and care will be used in the partitions at the buildings in a residential neighbourhood built to Halmstad. The introduction of the development reveals that the choice of materials have been well thought through by the developer as future residents are aware of the impact of natural construction materials to the interior climate of residential spaces and appreciates a home with strong and sound-proof walls.

Before the last winter month ends, four more trucks filled with silicate blocks will take this journey.

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